You don’t need to have the perfect product before you start

I didn’t understand what this statement means until I rolled out my first product and I realized that innovation doesn’t come at the start of the project but in the course of the project. So if at some point you feel like your product isn’t market ready then you’re wrong

Take the first step, start that project cus if your always waiting for it to be market ready, then you’ll never start and at some point you may even give up on it all together for it’s only when you start that you get the ideas to innovate and modify

Feedbacks and reviews are what you’ll need to grow and develop so in case you’re wondering, your idea might be great but in order to polish it, it needs to go out and be scrutinized. You need other people’s input based on their experience using your product or service

Take a look at the big companies and brands you see today, they didn’t have the perfect product but the fact we enjoy them today, is because they innovated as time went on, the most common example is the WhatsApp voice notes on status, it wasn’t there as early as February this year and most people appreciate it and are using it

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